+ what is the benefit of two professional photographers?
Weddings have lots of parts. Some of these parts happen simultaneously. When you hire us, there is a 100% guarantee that we will capture everything that is going on. two camera-worthy moments going on at once? we'll be there. When posed family photos take place, two photographers ensure that while one directs the assembled family, the other is capturing meaningful candid moments nearby. 

+ but why you, specifically?
the wedding day goes by fast but we know where to look. you will be able to sort through your wedding photos and not only see the story of your day but feel the emotional punch as well. we not only strive to capture the authentic, but find ourselves inspired by the family you've chosen to surround yourself with and the space you've decided to celebrate in. It's about two sets of eyes shape-shifting-- quickly recognizing the tenor & context of your wedding-- carefully framing it, capturing it, and feeling it.

plus we're two photographers inspired by each other, constantly pushing our limits while linking arms. we have so much fun doing this.

+ do you travel?
YES. We love traveling together and encourage clients outside of minnesota to consider going with two photographers as a general rule of thumb. traveling adds it's own logistical hurtles but with two, we're double the back-up, double the planning, double the coverage. plus zoe's 6-feet tall which means exit row , hay! We request that clients be responsible for accommodations and travel costs. 

+ how much to book you?
we're equally responsible with photographing, conceptualizing, and post-processing. we start our full-day package at $4,500. Email us your story and what you're looking for and we can set up a Skype date to answer all of your questions. WE ARE FLEXIBLE.

still have more questions? head over to our contact page (or just scroll down!) and shoot us an email. Want to see some of our featured weddings? head over to our  blog