Most of the time, we are able to navigate weddings by communicating solely on our unique telepathic ability. However, it's always important to go over the central tenets we photographers have when it comes to taking on a persons wedding day. Some of these include:

  1. Are we honoring the client's requests?  
  2. Are the images emotive and are we leaving room for spontaneity and collaboration?
  3. Is this the best light?
  4. Does the bride need more champagne?
  5. Where's the humor? Capture the humor!

You get the idea. 

Rachel & Justin made it easy to find the humor, chase the best light, create moody and joyful images, and document their wedding day as best as we know how. We wanted to highlight Rachel's elegant beauty and magnetic personality and to also capture the gentle kindness that shows up in Justin's eyes when he looks over at Rachel. Below are our favorite images from the day-- a mix of both of our work. Congratulations again, you two. 

Ceremony: Salem Lutheran Church

Reception: 912 Regency Plaza

Hair: Nicole Grogan, Poppy Salon.

Makeup: Gb & Co Salon

Dress: The Wedding Shoppe.

Shoes: Macy's