we are a photography duo aimed at making documentary and story-telling photographs. We care about the importance of images and strongly believe in the power that photography has over our memories.
Hiring Crystal + Zoe is making an investment in art.

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Here’s the thing: you don’t get to take your wedding day with you. It’s lightening in a bottle. There are one million moments that happen on your wedding day and there is no way to be everywhere and remember every moment. That’s why you invest in a photographer, to be there for you. And that’s why we chose Crystal + Zoe. We trusted their creative license implicitly, and when we got our photos we realized they didn’t just capture every moment: they told the story of a day that means so much to us. They helped take our day with us for the rest of our lives. They captured our lightening in a bottle.
— Megan Totzke Nuxoll